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TREASURED The Sea Glass Collection

Tuesday, October 27, 2015 •
Sea Glass by Soaring Hearts Cards

Dear Gentle Friends ~ 

Isn't this sunrise a treasure?! The message for this card has been on my heart since early 2015.

I found myself thinking about what I treasured most in life, and pondered this profound scripture in Matthew.

What are your treasures in life? Family? Friends? Your faith in Christ? Home? Church? 


I hope you love the new Sea Glass card, "Treasured." It's a beautiful way to let your special friends and loved ones know how much you treasure them.


Here are a few more glimpses of this beauty from Soaring Hearts. Wrap yourself in some love. 

Thank you for pausing a few moments to visit today. May you always know that God treasures you.

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Tim Forrest

Tim is a friend of mine .I suggested he start this Sunrise Page and it has gone everywhere. So,proud for him.

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